oxidation supplemental information highly efficient preparation of graphite

Highly Efficient Restoration of Graphitic Structure in

Solution-based processes involving the chemical oxidation of graphite and reduction of the obtained graphene oxide (GO) sheets have attracted much attention for preparing graphene films for printed electronics and biosensors. However, the low electrical conductivity of reduced GO is still hindering the development of electronic applications. This article presents that GO sheets reduced by high

Efficient Production of High

2018/12/27Graphene, a two-dimensional nanomaterial, has shown tremendous promising applications in a broad range of fields. Mass production of defect-free graphene is a prerequisite for its applications. In this work, by using a needle valve, we propose a simple hydrodynamic-assisted exfoliation method to produce high-quality few-layer graphene flakes. The prepared graphene flakes, with an average

Electronic Supplementary Information Highly reduced graphene

1 Electronic Supplementary Information Highly reduced graphene oxide supported Pt nanocomposites as high-efficient catalyst for methanol oxidation Hongbin Feng,a,b Yong Liua and Jinghong Lia* aDepartment of Chemistry, Beijing Key Laboratory for Microanalytical Methods and

Synthesis and Characterization of Reduced Graphene Oxide

The oxidation of graphite at constant concentration and time is highly temperature dependant. As temperature increased, the rate of oxidation increased rapidly. At 40C, it shows absorbance at 230 nm; at 50C, it shows absorbance at 224 nm; and at 60C, it shows absorbance at 227 nm, which is indicated in Table 2 and Figure 2 .

Surface activation of graphene oxide nanosheets by

2013/9/6Upon oxidation of graphite, the G-band is shifted toward longer wavenumber due to the formation of GO with several oxygenated functional groups on its basal plane and at the edges. The 20 min UV irradiation process slightly increased the D peak intensity of UV-GO more than in N-GO.

Carbon Nanocomposites: Preparation and Its

2018/2/23Recently, a highly efficient and cost-effective CuO/carbon-nanoparticle catalyst (CuO/CNP) was prepared by a simple "mix-and-heat" method and used for the self-coupling of amines []. The CuO/CNP demonstrated excellent catalytic activity toward the synthesis of imines under optimal reaction conditions involving 12 h of reaction time, 25 mg of catalyst, air atmosphere, and 110C.

highly efficient atomically thin curved PdIr bimetallene

Thin two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials are a recently identified class of highly efficient catalysts []. Their merit for electrocatalysis is that most of their metal atoms are exposed on the surface to take part in the catalytic reaction, thus greatly improving the atomic utilization.

oxidation Supplementary Information aerogel as a highly efficient

1 Supplementary Information One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of platinum nanoparticle-decorated on three-dimensional nitrogen-doped graphene aerogel as a highly efficient electrocatalyst for the methanol oxidation Xuan Zhang, Nan Hao*, Xiaoya Dong, Saibo Chen


We further examined the oxidation of O-acetyl- (Ac) and benzoyl- (Bz) protected benzyl thioglucopyranosides, which showed a good selectivity during the controlled oxidation with UHP and provided 87% and 89% of the desired sulfoxides (5a and 6a) and sulfones (5b and 6b), respectively (Table 2, entries 5 and 6)., entries 5 and 6).

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S1 Electronic Supporting Information Graphite oxide: a selective and highly efficient oxidant of thiols and sulfides Daniel R. Dreyer,† Hong-Peng Jia,† Alexander D. Todd, Jianxin Geng, and Christopher W. Bielawski* Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Effect of Graphene on Catalytic Performance of

2017/4/12Abstract In this research, we report a scientific investigation of an efficient method used for the synthesis of highly active Palladium Nanoparticles decorated with Fe3O4, Co3O4, and Ni (OH)2 Supported on Graphene as Potential Efficient Catalysts for Suzuki Cross—Coupling. Pd/Fe3O4 nanoparticles supported on graphene nanosheets (Pd/Fe3O4/G) showed an excellent catalytic activity

Allotropes of carbon

Graphite, named by Abraham Gottlob Werner in 1789, from the Greek γράφειν (graphein, to draw/write, for its use in pencils) is one of the most common allotropes of carbon.Unlike diamond, graphite is an electrical conductor. Thus, it can be used in, for instance

Materializing efficient methanol oxidation via electron

Achieving a functional and durable non-platinum group metal-based methanol oxidation catalyst is critical for a cost-effective direct methanol fuel cell. While Ni(OH) 2 has been widely studied as methanol oxidation catalyst, the initial process of oxidizing Ni(OH) 2 to NiOOH requires a high potential of 1.35 V vs. RHE. V vs. RHE.

Tuning the Oxidation Degree of Graphite toward Highly

Efficient removal of heat is one of the most challenging issues in the development of modern electronic devices. However, traditional thermal interface materials (TIMs) may exhibit limited thermal conductivity when loaded with thermally conductive fillers at high contents due to irrational filler/polymer structures. In this work, graphite oxide (GrO) with different oxidation degrees was

Facile and highly efficient fabrication of graphene oxide

Wan, Q., Liu, M., Xie, Y. et al. Facile and highly efficient fabrication of graphene oxide-based polymer nanocomposites through mussel-inspired chemistry and their environmental pollutant removal application. J Mater Sci 52, 504–518 (2017) doi:10

Crystalline and Electrical Property Improvement of Filtrated,

We report an approach to fabricate high conductivity graphite sheets based on a heat-and-current treatment of filtrated, exfoliated graphite flakes. This treatment combines heating (~ 900 C) and in-plane electrical current flow (550 Acm−2) to improve electrical conductivity through the reduction of crystalline defects. This process was shown to require only a 1-min treatment time, which

The role of microwave absorption on formation of

2012/8/1GO samples with different degrees of oxidation were prepared by varying the mass ratio of KMnO 4 to graphite from 0.75 to 3.00. As expected, the oxygen content in GOs increases with the increasing amount of oxidant used (listed in Fig. 1a), from 24 wt.% in mildly oxidized graphite (GO-0.75) to about 48 wt.% in highly oxidized graphite (GO-3.00).

Synthesis of Graphene Oxide (GO) by Modified Hummers

as-received natural flake graphite in Figure 1(a), it can be concluded that it is highly crystalline and has a very intense (002) peak at 2θ = 26.42˚ having a d-spacing of 3.37Ǻ.Figure 5(b) shows the XRD plot of GO synthesized by modified Hummers method as well as rGO obtained from GO by thermal reduction.


The remaining 150 specimens yield graphite and direct carbonate pMC values between 2.2 and 106.0 (see Supplemental Information). Notably, the 1σ pMC analytical errors associated with the direct carbonate 14 C technique are typically two to eight times higher than for their graphite

Plasma electrolysis allows the facile and efficient

The production of graphite oxide from graphite usually requires strong oxidants, concentrated acids, and a reaction time of the order of 100 h. In this study, we adopted a highly efficient cathodic plasma (CP) process in which the vapor plasma envelope calorific effect provides instant oxidation and

Carbon nanotube supported catalyst

Carbon nanotube supported catalyst is a novel supported catalyst, using carbon nanotubes as the support instead of the conventional alumina or silicon support. The exceptional physical properties of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) such as large specific surface areas, excellent electron conductivity incorporated with the good chemical inertness, and

CoOx nanoparticle anchored on sulfonated

Development of efficient, robust and earth-abundant water oxidation catalysts (WOCs) is extremely desirable for water splitting by electrolysis or photocatalysis. Herein, we report cobalt oxide nanoparticles anchored on the surface of sulfonated graphite (denoted as "CoOxG-Ph-SN") to

Steering elementary steps towards efficient alkaline

Preparation of control samples by ex situ oxidation In order to unambiguously investigate the influence of the surface Ni/NiO ratio on alkaline HER and preclude the differences in the number and size of nanocrystals in different samples during comparison, the surface Ni/NiO ratio was further modulated by ex situ oxidization of the same sample.

Oxidation Supplemental Information Highly Efficient Preparation

Supplemental Information Highly Efficient Preparation of Graphite Oxide without Water Enhanced Oxidation Hong Yuan,1 Jianglin Ye,1 Chuanren Ye,1 Songsen Yin,2 Jieyun Li,1 Kai Su,3 Gang Fang,2 Yanhong Wu,2 Yaxuan Zheng,2 Ming Ge,2 Runli Tang,2 Guanping Feng,2 Yan

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